Swaddle Cloth Paw

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Size will fit babies 7 to 14 pounds,75cm*50cm

0 to 12 months old

Why Swaddle?

Swaddling helps reduce loose bedding in crib and hlps keep baby safely on their back

Swaddling soothes baby by preventing them from startling awake

This items’ wings are adjustable for just the right fit on baby and keep even wiggly babies swaddled tight

  1. personal soft, comfortable, lightweight , breathable, absorbent function there , especially supple feel , can promote blood circulation, regulate metabolism baby .
  2. seasons are applicable , the spring and summer when the air conditioning can blanket , winter baby underneath the body shop is comfortable
  3. softness after washing still soft and delicate , especially for baby skin , easy to breed bacteria mites ! Also can be used to hold .

Super absorbent, breathable absorbent antibacterial, skin-friendly good ; soft touch, good drape , a hundred wash harden.

First, the appearance of light in relaxation , with the amount of good permeability

Second, soft, gauzy , feel smooth and elastic

Third, wore a strong sense of comfort , very elegant

Fourth, after high temperature shrunk , not deformed and wrinkling

Fifth, good physical properties, high fiber strength , abrasion resistance, durable use


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